Jeff Crossman

Interactive Artist

Industrial Light Painting aims to create high fidelity three-dimensional light paintings of real people. This is done by combining the precision of a computer controlled industrial arm and a RGB LED with a Kinect camera to capture and recreate portraits in depth and color.
Bloomberg work in progress
For the capstone project at Carnegie Mellon University, I worked with stakeholders at Bloomberg to design the next generation of corporate scheduling and meeting systems through a comprehensive understanding of a transparent global workforce.
Ballbot work in progress
Modifying software and hardware on a commercially developed ballbot platform for use in an upcoming human-robot interaction academic experiment.
Vecho work in progress
An interactive art piece utilizing the very latest speech technologies. This project combines speech recognition and natural language processing to extract keywords from the users speech to create on-the-fly visualizations.
Rule No. 1 Magazine December 2013
A magazine spread for a fictitious men’s financial lifestyle publication. This project included identifying a target audience, developing personas, a mood board, and a design language prior to the visual design work.
Avant–Garde Poster September 2013
A poster for an architecture colloquium. Burdened with a significant amount of text, the assignment was to design a layout to utilize this text along with an image to communicate informational and emotional content.
GrooveTo September 2013
GrooveTo is a web-based music and choreography stitching application where you can create audio-dance mashups in real time using music selected from SoundCloud.
Cabinet Selection July 2011
I proposed and lead a successful redesign of a critical, highly visible sales tool module. In the project I challenged the status quo development process, resulting in a shift towards user-centered design.
Flickr Map July 2011
A mashup between Bing Maps and Flickr developed for the Windows Phone platform, this project was a personal learning exercise to work with and refine my skills with a new mobile architecture.
Energy Recovery February 2010
I redesigned a complex product selection and rating application, shifting complex conversions and calculations from the user’s domain onto the backend with the goal of making the tool easier to use for novice users.