Jeff Crossman

Interactive Artist

Industrial Light Painting aims to create high fidelity three-dimensional light paintings of real people. This is done by combining the precision of a computer controlled industrial arm and a RGB LED with a Kinect camera to capture and recreate portraits in depth and color.
In the most remote and inhospitable places in the world, you’ll find large complicated machines operating with the bare minimum of human support. When a machine fails and the expertise needed to diagnose the problem is half a world away, what do you do?
The design process used to create a new product that visualizes full flight data allowing airline flight operations teams to discover new opportunities to improve fuel efficiency and flight safety.
Vecho work in progress
An interactive art piece utilizing the very latest speech technologies. This project combines speech recognition and natural language processing to extract keywords from the users speech to create on-the-fly visualizations.
Bloomberg Connect August 2014
Bloomberg Connect brings employees instant, frictionless access to the people they meet with. Designed not only to give calendar owners more control over what others can see, but also to streamline collaboration using the open calendar.
Ballbot August 2014
As part of the Microdynamic Systems Laboratory I worked with the ballbot robotics platform on human-robot interaction (HRI) research making hardware and software modifications to improve how the robot is able to navigate in a human environment and interact with people.